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Seth Jones, or, The captives of the frontier
Safely married
Esquimaux' queen, or, The mystery of the lone hut
flyaway afloat, or, Yankee boys 'round the world
witch of Black Hollow, or, The dragoon's bride
Dolly's death-shot, or, Dusky Mark, the young wildcat
Ned, the stowaway, or, Adrift in Brazil
Old Kyle's long tramp, or, Zeke, the renegade
Barney's bold brush, or, Three youths in Idaho
Sancho Sam's shot, or, Fort Binkley's specter riders
Kit Burt's mask, or, Nick, the scout
Hank Triplet's vow, or, The old guide's wrong trail
Buck Burt's pluck, or, The scouts of the Scioto
Black Jim's doom, or, Billy Bowleg's revenge
trapper king, or, Old Bear-Paw, the yankee scout
Black Horse Bill, the bandit wrecker, or, Two brave boys to the rescue