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Buffalo Bill's last victory, or, Dove Eye, the lodge queen
Buffalo Bill's best shot
An uncanny revenge, or, Nick Carter and the mind murderer
call of death, or, Nick Carter's clever assistant
suicide, or, Nick Carter and the lost head
Half a million ransom, or, Nick Carter and the needy nine
girl kidnapper, or, Nick Carter's up-to-date clew
pirate yacht, or, Nick Carter's trail of diamonds
crime of the white hand, or, How Nick Carter worked it out
melting pot, or, Nick Carter and The Waldmere plate
duplicate night, or, Nick Carter's double reflection
edge of a crime, or, Nick Carter's trail of mercy
Sultan's pearls, or, Nick Carter's Porto Rico trail
clew of the white collar, or, Nick Carter on a twisted trail
unsolved mystery, or, Nick Carter's government case
Paying the price, or, Nick Carter's perilous venture