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Dick Decker, the brave young fireman
Through smoke and flame, or, The rival firemen of Irvington
Tom Barry of Barrington, or, The hero of no. 4
Liberty Hose, or, The pride of Plattsville
Joe Jeckel, the prince of firemen
Dick Decker, the brave young fireman
Fred Flame, The hero of Greystone, No. 1
The boy volunteers, or, The boss fire company of the town
The pride of the volunteers, or, Burke Halliday, the boy fireman
A fireman at sixteen, or, Through flame and smoke
Phil, the boy fireman, or, Through flames to victory
Columbia, or, The young firemen of Glendale
The phantom fireman, or, The mystery of Mark Howland's life
Number 6, or, The young firemen of Carbondale
Resolute No. 10, or, The boy fire company of Fulton
The midnight alarm, or, The boys of old no. 9
Hero forty-four, or, The boy fireman of Ashland
"Old Put," or, The fire boys of Brandon