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Charlie of the curb, or, Beating the mining brokers
Contractor Bob, or, Fighting for a big job
Bound to make his mark, or, Running a moving picture show
The young banker, or, The mystery of a money box
The boy salesman, or, Out on the road for success
Tom, the apprentice, or, The young mechanic who made his mark
Dollars and cents, or, From cash boy to partner
$10,000 reward, or, The fortune of a bank clerk
A bright boy broker, or, Shearing the Wall Street "lambs"
Dick Darling's money, or, The rise of an office boy
Jack Jasper's venture, or, A canal route to fortune
Long & Co., boy brokers, or, A lucky Wall Street firm
Dealing in stocks, or, Saved by a Wall St. ticker
Frank Fisk, the boy broker, or, Working the Wall St. stock market
Will Fox of Wall Street, or, The success of a boy banker
A struggle for fame, or, The gamest boy in the world
A lucky contract, or, The boy who made a raft of money
Dick Darrell's nerve, or, From engine-house to manager's office
Beating the bucket-shops, or, Breaking up a crooked game : (a story of Wall Street)
A smart New York boy, or, From the tenements to Wall St.