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"Old Put," or, The fire boys of Brandon
100 feet above the housetops, or, The mystery of the old church steeple
83 degrees north latitude, or, The handwriting in the iceberg
A coral prison, or, The two boy hermits of the Indian Ocean
A haunted boy, or, The mad-house mystery
Monte Cristo at 18, or, From slave to avenger
A New York boy in the Soudan, or, The Mahdi's slave
A New York working boy, or, A fight for a fortune
A poor Irish boy, or, Fighting his own way
Abandoned, or, The wolf man of the island
Afloat with Captain Kidd, or, A boy among the pirates
Alow and aloft, or, The dashing boy harpooner
Among the fire worshipers, or, Two New York boys in Mexico
An Irish-American, or, Dan Redmond's adventures in search of his father
An unknown flag, or, The mysterious black schooner
Arnold's shadow, or, The traitor's nemesis
Around the world on a bicycle, a story of adventures in many lands