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Sam Spence, the broadhorn boy, and how he floated into a fortune
settler's son, or, Adventures in wilderness and clearing
silver bugle, or, The Indian maiden of St. Croix
Adrift on the prairie, and, Amateur hunters on the buffalo range
Black Horse Bill, the bandit wrecker, or, Two brave boys to the rescue
Center Shot, the white Crow, or, Roving Rifle's first campaign
boy prospector, or, The secret of the Sierra ravine
border rovers, or, Lost on the overland trail
Rifle and revolver, or, The Littleton Gun Club on the buffalo range
antelope boy, or, Smoholler, the medicine-man
Red River Rovers, or, Life and adventure in the Northwest
forest specter, or, The young hunter's foe
Mink Coat, the death shot, or, The spring of the tiger
Hunter-pard Ben, or, The Wakash's blind lead
Kent, the ranger, or, The fugitives of the border
Keetsea, queen of the Plains, or, The Enchanted Rock
snow-shoe trail, or, The forest desperadoes
Jack, Harry and Tom, the three champion brothers, or, Adventures of three brave boys with the tatooed pirate