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dashing trooper, or, The half-breed's revenge
Rattlepate, the nabob
Old Crossfire's crisis, or, Frank Nesbit, the young trailer
Nick, the detective, or, The border vagabond's doom
Lank Lute, the old Colorado hunter
Barney's bold brush, or, Three youths in Idaho
Uncle Grill's disguise, or, Tom Drain, the young ranger
Hans Schmidt, Junior, or, The disguised yankee
nameless hunter, or, The Dacotah scourge
Deadwood sports, or, Diamond Dick's deliverance
Sancho Sam's shot, or, Fort Binkley's specter riders
dwarf decoy, or, The white steed rider
Dakota Dutchman, or, Sharp-Eye's brave band
ranger detective, or, The scalpless hunter
Mark Morgan's mask, or, The girl avenger
Kit Burt's mask, or, Nick, the scout
Frank Bell, the boy spy, or, The mystery of Crystal Lake
Hank Triplet's vow, or, The old guide's wrong trail
Buck Burt's pluck, or, The scouts of the Scioto
young trailer, or, The Black League's plot