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Black Horse Bill, the bandit wrecker, or, Two brave boys to the rescue
boy prospector, or, The secret of the Sierra ravine
Hunter-pard Ben, or, The Wakash's blind lead
Oregon Josh, the wizard rifle, or, The young trapper champion
Silver Horn, and his rifle, Firedeath, or, The boy heroes of the war-path
Kentucky Ben, the long rifle of the Cascades, or, The boy trappers of Oregon
Dirk, the sea dandy, or, Hunter-pard Ben
Captain Blake's Jonah, or, Harry, the cabin boy
mad skipper, or, The cruise of the Monongahela
Frisco Guy's big bonanza, or, The boy prospector
mad skipper, or, A cruise after the maelstrom
Old Tar Knuckle and his boy chums, or, The monsters of the Esquimaux border