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Will-o'-the-Wisp, the California trooper
Old Crossfire, or, The trailers of the Everglades
Ben Bramble, the hunter king of the Kenawha
Gray Hair, the chief, or, The Mohawk riflemen
The rival hunters, or, The forest garrison
The Texan scout, or, The Jarocho's sister
Zebra Zack, or, The wild Texan's mission
The masked messenger, or, The maid of Gresham Grange
Red Ax, the Indian giant, or, The river stockade
Stella, the spy
The Apache guide, or, The rescue
On the trail, or, Tim Bufton, the trapper
Red-Knife, the chief, or, The arrow-maker of the Miamis
Old Sib Cone, the mountain trapper
The bear-hunter, or, Davy Crockett as a spy
The squaw spy, or, The rangers of the lava-beds
Spanish Jack, the mountain bandit, or, The pledge of life
Kirke, the renegade, or, The trapper's last trail
Dingle, the outlaw, or, The secret slayer