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Buffalo Bill at the copper barriers, or, Pawnee Bill's cave of Aladdin
Buffalo Bill's clean sweep, or, Pawnee Bill's race with the king-pin bandit
Buffalo Bill's secret foe, or, The wizard of Windy Gulch
Buffalo Bill at Cimaroon bar, or, Pawnee Bill's clean-up
Buffalo Bill's Sioux tackle, or, Pawnee Bill's canoe trail
Buffalo Bill and the Ponca raiders, or, Pawnee Bill's double throw
Buffalo Bill's pacific power, or, Pawnee Bill and the easterner
Buffalo Bill and Chief Hawkchee, or, Pawnee Bill teaches a lesson
Buffalo Bill and the Pawnee prophet, or, Pawnee Bill among friends and foes
Buffalo Bill's pueblo foes, or, Pawnee Bill at the Indian fiesta
Buffalo Bill and the Apache kid, or, Pawnee Bill's winning hand
Buffalo Bill across the Rio Grande, or, Pawnee Bill's slide for life
Buffalo Bill's leap in the dark, or, The outcasts of Santibell
Buffalo Bill on Lost River, or, Pawnee Bill's battle in the dark
Buffalo Bill's ice chase, or, The trail of the black rifle
Buffalo Bill and Grizzly Dan, or, Pawnee Bill's giant swing
Buffalo Bill's Taos totem, or, Pawnee Bill's Zuni trail
Buffalo Bill and the talking statue, or, Pawnee Bill's gold trail
Buffalo Bill and Old Wanderoo, or, Pawnee Bill and the Pawnees
Buffalo Bill's merry war, or, Pawnee Bill's Pawnee pard