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The Green Ranger, or, Dusky Darrell, trapper
Thornpath, the trailer, or, The perils of the prairie
Foul-weather Jack, or, The double wreck
The black rider, or, Life and love on the border
The lake rangers
Alone on the plains, or, The outlaws' plot
Silent Shot the slayer, or, The secret chamber of the Hunter's Lodge
The Red Rider, or, The white queen of the Apaches
The grizzly-hunters, or, The Navahoe captives
The Mad Ranger, or, The hunters of the Wabash
The specter skipper, or, The sunken will
The Red Coyote, or, Lupah, the flower of the prairie
The hunchback, or, The cave castle
The black wizard
The mad horseman, or, The prairie tournament
The privateer's bride, or, The channel scud
The Jaguar Queen, or, The outlaws of the Sierra Madre
Shadow Jack, or, The spotted cruiser
Eagle Plume, the white avenger
The ocean outlaw, or, The stolen sister