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The five champions, or, The backwoods belle
The first trail, or, The forest foundling
Gray Hair, the chief, or, The Mohawk riflemen
Red Hand, or, The channel scourge
Wenona, the giant chief, or, The forest flower
Ethan Allen's rifles, or, The Green-Mountain Boys
The warrior princess, or, The pride of the Everglades
Simple Phil, or, The Pineville Massacre
The peddler spy, or, Dutchmen and Yankees
The Texas hawks, or, The strange decoy
Red Ax, the Indian giant, or, The river stockade
Adrian, the pilot, or, The island wreckers
Ahmo's plot, or, The governor's Indian child
The corsair prince
Spanish Jack, the mountain bandit, or, The pledge of life
The Apache guide, or, The rescue
The vailed benefactress, or, The rocking stone mystery
The specter chief, or, The Indian's revenge
Indian Joe, the guide, or, The White Spirit of the hills
Moccasin Bill, or, Cunning serpent the Ojibwah