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Nick Carter's strangest case, or, The hacienda plot
The stolen treasure, or, Nick Carter's adventures in a mysterious castle
A million-dollar hold-up, or, Nick Carter after the train robbers
The ghost of Nick Carter, or, The secret of the second sight seer
A millionaire swindler, or, Nick Carter's exposure of a stupendous scheme
The money schemers, or, Nick Carter after the confidence king
The haunted circus, or, Nick Carter lays a ghost
The message in blue, or, Nick Carter's clue to a vast conspiracy
The detective's disappearance, or, Nick Carter is saved by Adelina
The midnight marauders, or, Nick Carter's telephone mystery
Nick Carter's satanic enemy, or, The case of the easy mark
The dead man on the roof, or, Nick Carter clears an honored name
An automobile duel, or, Nick Carter and his best friend work together
Jasper Ryan's countermove, or, Patsy's remarkable compact
A mystery of high society, or, Nick Carter's tangled puzzle
A million dollars reward, or, Nick Carter's process of induction
The signal of seven shots, or, Nick Carter's struggle for his life
The "shadow," or, Nick Carter's mysterious pursuer
A dead man's secret, or, Nick Carter's search for counterfeit plates
A victim of magic, or, Nick Carter's struggle with a human tiger