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girl cowboy captain, or, The skinners of the Carolina swamps
Sharp-Shooter Sam, or, Arran O'Rourke's blunder
Deacon Hale's grit, or, Ebenezer Day's mad ride
Roving Rifle, Custer's little scout, or, From the plains to West Point
Eph, the mimic spy, or, The Frenchman's doom
Dan, the darky dwarf, or, Brock and his trained dog
Dolly's death-shot, or, Dusky Mark, the young wildcat
Pat, the plucky sergeant, or, Ralph on the war-path
Red Mike's ruse, or, Reginald's reckless rangers
Doc Bell's pluck, or, The Frenchman's fate
Rover Dick Dingle, or, The lost boy's disguise
boy boomer, or, Pawnee Bill's protege
Detective Dick's pard, or, The New York reporters in Colorado
Old Gotlieb, the jolly landlord, or, The daring Dutch damsel
Four fellow scouts, or, The unseen hand
girl rifle-shot
Doctor Bag, detective, or, Trailer Tom's tact
Simon Kenton, hunter, or, The renegade's doom
Sly Sam's snare, or, The boy hunter's vow