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Red Slayer, the life hunter
The phantom foe, or, The maid of Montmorenci
The blue anchor, or, The lost bride
The red-skin's pledge, or, The double plot
The quadroon spy, or, The ranger's bride
Red Belt, the Tuscarora, or, The death trail
The two trails, or, Sam Grinter's search
The ice-fiend, or, The hunted whalemen
The red prince, or, The last of the Aztecs
The first trail, or, The forest foundling
Sheet-Anchor Tom, or, The sunken treasure
Old Avoirdupois, or, Steel Coat, the Apache terror
The Blue Clipper, or, The smuggler spy
Red Dan, the ranger, or, The league of three
The fire-eater, or, The Texan's revenge
Blackhawk, the bandit, or, The Indian scout
The lost ship, or, The cruise for a shadow
Arrow, the avenger, or Judge Lynch on the border
White Serpent, the Shawnee scourge, or, Indian Heart, the renegade