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The pirate of the sound, or, Nick Carter's midnight swim
The crime of the Potomac, or, Nick Carter and the telltale finger marks
A clever grab, or, Nick Carter's worst worry
The mystery of the front room, or, Nick Carter's marvelous work
Quexel tragedy, or, Nick Carter's midnight message
The curse of the Quexels, or, The ghost of a murdered beauty
Missing! a sack of gold, or, Nick Carter and the express office mystery
The great cathedral mystery, or, Nick Carter's complicated case
The pear-shaped diamonds, or, Nick Carter's most delicate task
The compact of death, or, Nick Carter's singed hair clew
The rajah's revenge, or, Nick Carter's bold attack
A tragedy of the sea, or, Nick Carter's desperate fight
Nick Carter's strange power, or, The great jewel scandal
Nick Carter and the Marixburg affair, or, Foiling a great conspiracy
The millionaire cracksman, or, Nick Carter's mascot case
Scylla, the sea robber, or, Nick Carter and the queen of sirens
The beautiful pirate of Oyster Bay, or, Nick Carter's strangest adventure
The black hand's nemesis, or, One against a hundred and one
An expert in craft, or, Nick Carter and the jewel thieves
Nick Carter's terrible experience, or, The strange crime of the limited sleeper