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A sure winner, or, The boy who went out with a circus
Golden fleece, or, The boy brokers of Wall Street
Playing to win, or, The foxiest boy in Wall Street
Beating the brokers, or, The boy who couldn't be done
A rolling stone, or, The brightest boy on record
Boss of the market, or, The greatest boy in Wall Street
Out for business, or, The smartest boy in town
A boy money-maker, or, In Wall Street on his nerve
Hitting it rich, or, The luckiest firm in Wall Street
Sam the salesman, or, The boy with the silver tongue
Fighting for fame, or, The luck of a young contractor
Matt the mechanic, or, The boy who made his pile
Out for a corner, or, A smart Chicago boy
The winning trick, or, How a boy made his mark
The young editor, or, Running a country newspaper
In the copper fields, or, The mine that made the money
From a cent to fortune, or, A Chicago boy's great scoop
Capturing the money, or, How Ben Bailey made his mark
Digging for gold, or, The luck of a boy miner
A boy with grit, or, Earning an honest living