(81 - 100 of 6,831)
Harry Somers, the sailor-boy magician, or, The old bo'sen's strange land cruise
border gunmaker, or, The hunted maiden
Hurricane Kit, or, Old Lightning on the rampage
deer-hunters, or, Life in the Ottawa country
snow-trail, or, The boy hunters of fur-land
Walt Ferguson's cruise
Black Panther, the half-blood, or, The slaves of the silver mines
pampas hunters, or, New York boys in Buenos Ayres
Jumping Jake, the Colorado circus boy, or, The wicked man of Slashaway Bar
Longshore Lije, or, How a rough boy won his way
Esquimaux' queen, or, The mystery of the lone hut
boy cruisers, or, Joe and Jap's big find
Trapper Tom, the wood imp, or, Old Tomahawk's scalp-hunt
Silverspur, or, The mountain heroine
Little Dan Rocks, or, The mountain kid's mission
boy wizard, or, The silver-land seekers