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The gold demon, or, Lamora, the maid of the canon
Eutawan, the slayer, or, The Plymouth scout
The masked guide, or, The road agents of the Plains
The conspirators, or, The island league
Swiftwing, the squaw, or, The phantom warrior
Caribou Zip, or, The forest brothers
The privateer, or, The Pride of the Nansemond
The black spy, or, The Yellowstone trail
The doomed hunter, or, The tragedy of Forest Valley
Barden, the ranger, or, The flower of the Uchees : a tale of Georgia in early times
The gray scalp, or, The Blackfoot brave
The peddler spy, or, Dutchmen and Yankees
The white canoe, or, The spirit of the lake
Eph Peters, or, The scout of the Mohawk Valley
The traitor spy
The gray hunter, or, The white hunter of the Apaches
Little Moccasin, or, Along the Madawaska
The white hermit, or, The unknown foe
The island bride, or, Cast away