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The emerald necklace, or, Mrs. Butterby's boarder
Burt Bunker, the trapper
The pale-face squaw, or, The last arrow
Winifred Winthrop, or, The Lady of Atherton Hall
The wrecker's daughter
Hearts forever, or, The Old Dominion battle-grounds
The frontier angel
Florida, or, The iron will
Ahmo's plot, or, The governor's Indian child
The water waif, a tale of ancient New York
Hates and loves, or, The lesson of four lives
Oonomoo, the Huron
The white-faced pacer, or, Before and after the battle
Wetzel, the scout, or, The captives of the wilderness
The Quakeress spy
The vailed benefactress, or, The rocking stone mystery
Wild Raven, the ranger, or, The missing guide
Agnes Falkland
Nat Todd, or, The fate of the Sioux' captive