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Myrtle, the child of the prairie
The blacksmith of Antwerp
Myra, the child of adoption
Dead shot, or, The White Vulture
The boy miners, or, The enchanted island
Blue Dick, or, The yellow chief's vengeance
Nat Wolfe, or, The gold hunters
The white tracker, or, The panther of the plains
The outlaw's wife, or, The Valley Ranche
The tall trapper, or, The flower of the Blackfeet
The island pirate
The boy ranger, or, The heiress of the golden horn
Bess, the trapper
The French spy, or, The fall of Montreal
Long shot, or, The dwarf guide
The gunmaker of the border, or, The hunted maiden
Red Hand, or, The channel scourge
Ben, the trapper, or, The mountain demon
The specter chief, or, The Indian's revenge