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The chance of his life, or, The young pilot of Crystal Lake
Striving for fortune, or, From bellboy to millionaire
Out for business, or, The smartest boy in town
A favorite of fortune, or, Striking it rich in Wall Street
Through thick and thin, or, The adventures of a smart boy
Doing his level best, or, Working his way up
Always on deck, or, The boy who made his mark
A mint of money, or, The young Wall Street broker
The ladder of fame, or, From office boy to senator
On the square, or, The success of an honest boy
After a fortune, or, The pluckiest boy in the West
Making his mark, or, The boy who became President
Heir to a million, or, The boy who was born lucky
On his mettle, or, A plucky boy in Wall Street
A lucky chance, or, Taking fortune on the wing
The road to success, or, The career of a fortunate boy
Chasing pointers, or, The luckiest boy in Wall Street
Rising in the world, or, From factory boy to manager
From dark to dawn, or, A poor boy's chance
Out for himself, or, Paving his way to fortune