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From rags to riches, or, A lucky Wall Street messenger
On his merits, or, The smartest boy alive
Trapping the brokers, or, A game Wall Street boy
A million in gold, or, The treasure of Santa Cruz
Bound to make money, or, From the West to Wall Street
The boy magnate, or, Making baseball pay
Making money, or, A Wall Street messenger's luck
A harvest of gold, or, The buried treasure of Coral Island
On the curb, or, Beating the Wall Street brokers
A freak of fortune, or, The boy who struck luck
The prince of Wall Street, or, A big deal for big money
Starting his own business, or, The boy who caught on
A corner in stock, or, The Wall Street boy who won
First in the field, or, Doing business for himself
A broker at eighteen, or, Roy Gilbert's Wall Street career
Only a dollar, or, From errand boy to owner
Price & Co., boy brokers, or, The young traders of Wall Street
A winning risk, or, The boy who made good
From a dime to a million, or, A wide-awake Wall Street boy
The path to good luck, or, The boy miner of Death Valley