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Facing the world, or, A poor boy's fight for fortune
A tip worth a million, or, How a boy worked it in Wall Street
Billy, the cabin boy, or, The treasure of Skeleton Island
Just his luck, or, Climbing the ladder of fame and fortune
Out with his own circus, or, The success of a young Barnum
Playing for money, or, The boy trader of Wall Street
The boy copper miner, or, Ted Brown's rise to riches
Tips off the tape, or, The boy who startled Wall Street
Striking it rich, or, From office boy to merchant prince
Lucky in Wall Street, or, The boy who trimmed the brokers
In a class by himself, or, The plucky boy who got to the top
Bulling the market, or, The messenger who worked a corner
After the big blue stone, or, The treasure of the jungle