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The missing box of bullion, or, The boy who solved a Wall Street mystery
Claim no. 7, or, A fortune from a gold mine
The boy ice king, or, Coining money from the river
Bob Brandon, contractor, or, The treasure that led to fame, and other stories
A boy from the South, or, Cleaning out a Wall Street crowd
Hal, the hustler, or, The feat that made him famous
A mad broker's scheme, or, The corner that couldn't be worked
Dollars from dust, or, The boy who worked a silver mine
Adrift in the sea, or, The treasure of Lone Reef
The young Wall Street Jonah, or, The boy who puzzled the brokers
Fred the faker, or, The success of a young street merchant
The lad from 'Frisco, or, Pushing the "Big Bonanza"
The lure of gold, or, The treasure of Coffin Rock
Money maker Mack, or, The boy who smashed a Wall Street "Ring"