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Dick Merriwell at Forest Lake, or, The king of Flume River
Dick Merriwell's control, or, The man on the bench
Dick Merriwell's "wing," or, The man who couldn't be stopped
Frank Merriwell as instructor, or, The skill of the wizard
Frank Merriwell on Rattlesnake Ranch, or, The dupe who became a shark
Dick Merriwell's ranch friends, or, Sport on the range
Dick Merriwell's eye, or, The secret of good batting
Frank Merriwell's hold-back, or, The boys of Bristol
Dick Merriwell in the marathon, or, The sensation of the great run
Dick Merriwell's dandies, or, A surprise for the cowboy nine
Dick Merriwell's colors, or, All for the blue
 Frank Merriwell's fighters, or, The decisive battle with Blackstone
Frank Merriwell's phenom, or, The untrained wonder
Frank Merriwell's record breakers, or, The fastest lads in their class
Frank Merriwell's young clippers, or, Taking a fall out of a fast team
Dick Merriwell's match, or, The fellow who failed
Frank Merriwell's "favorite," or, The boy who "made good"
Dick Merriwell's risk, or, Taking chances on the bases
Dick Merriwell's distrust, or, Under two flags