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Dick Merriwell's return, or, The reappearance at Fardale
Dick Merriwell's dander, or, The day of reckoning
Dick Merriwell's standard, or, Up to the mark
Dick Merriwell's gambol, or, Sport at the county fair
Dick Merriwell, captain of the varsity, or, Game to the last
Dick Merriwell's best form, or, Master of himself
Dick Merriwell's master mind, or, The mysterious Mr. Snare
Dick Merriwell's prank, or, The exposure of Archie Ettinger
Frank Merriwell's duplicate, or, The rascal from Ringbolt
Dick Merriwell's hope, or, The reliance of the blue
Dick Merriwell at his best, or, Rounding the team into form
Frank Merriwell's phenom, or, The untrained wonder
Frank Merriwell's helper, or, The assistance of Ralph Sand
Dick Merriwell's match, or, The fellow who failed
Frank Merriwell's hard case, or, The boy who would not try
Dick Merriwell's gallantry, or, The girl from the South
Frank Merriwell's proposition, or, Captain Baldwin's secret work
Dick Merriwell's stanchness, or, Standing by a friend