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Young Jack Harkaway and his boy tinker
Young Jack Harkaway in Spain
Young Jack Harkaway in Turkey
Trapper Duke, or, The female avenger
Adrift in the tree-tops
Dick Decker, the brave young fireman
Tom Topp, or, Fighting against fiends
Among the tusk hunters, or, The boy who found a diamond mine
Lost in the Andes,  or, The treasure of the buried city
The captain of no. 9, or, The boy loggers of Loon Lake
Hero forty-four, or, The boy fireman of Ashland
A fireman at sixteen, or, Through flame and smoke
Dick, "I will," or, The plucky fight of a boy orphan
The pride of the volunteers, or, Burke Halliday, the boy fireman
Hook and ladder Jack, the daring young fireman
A freak of fortune, or, The boy who struck luck
A race for life
The demon of the forest
Jim Bludsoe's triumph