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The quadroon spy, or, The ranger's bride
The lake rangers
Zebra Zack, or, The wild Texan's mission
The gulch miners, or, The queen of the secret valley
Mossfoot, the brave, or, The fat scout of Oneida Lake
The traitor spy
Gray Hair, the chief, or, The Mohawk riflemen
Wenona, the giant chief, or, The forest flower
Ethan Allen's rifles, or, The Green-Mountain Boys
The warrior princess, or, The pride of the Everglades
The peddler spy, or, Dutchmen and Yankees
Mountain Gid, the free ranger, or, The bandit's daughter
The stone chief, or, The last of the giant Indians
The Plymouth scout, or, Eutawan, the slayer
Mountain Ned, or, The flying scout
The maid of the mountain, or, The brothers of the League
Despard, the spy, or, The fall of Montreal