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Frank Merriwell's turn, or, Working the winning streak
Frank Merriwell's determination, or, Getting the best of his foes
Frank Merriwell's injury, or, Hard luck and crooked work
Frank Merriwell's ruse, or, Paid in their own coin
Frank Merriwell in Paris, or, The man without a name
Dick Merriwell's cayuse, or, The star of the big range
Dick Merriwell's hot pursuit, or, Running down the kidnappers
Dick Merriwell's dander, or, The day of reckoning
Dick Merriwell's standard, or, Up to the mark
Dick Merriwell's gambol, or, Sport at the county fair
Dick Merriwell's enigma, or, The mystery of Mermaid Island
Frank Merriwell, the man of grit, or, The peril of Barney Mulloy
Dick Merriwell, captain of the varsity, or, Game to the last
Dick Merriwell's quirt, or, The sting of the lash
Dick Merriwell's subterfuge, or, The tussle with the topnotchers
Dick Merriwell's dog, or, Faithful to the last
Frank Merriwell's six-in-hand, or, The trail to Pickpocket
Frank Merriwell's quest, or, The search for the Golden Lake
Frank Merriwell, prince of the rope, or, The King Bee from Kinknot
Dick Merriwell's sympathy, or, Helping a boy in need