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mad skipper, or, A cruise after the maelstrom
Old Tar Knuckle and his boy chums, or, The monsters of the Esquimaux border
Big Horn Ike, the hill tramp, or, The odd pards
black schooner, or, Jib Junk, the old tar
boy captain, or, The pirate's daughter
The sea captain, or, A cruise for honor
The island bride, or, Cast away
The Blue Clipper, or, The smuggler spy
The lost ship, or, The cruise for a shadow
The lost captain, or, The double cruise
The ice-fiend, or, The hunted whalemen
Sheet-Anchor Tom, or, The sunken treasure
The specter skipper, or, The sunken will
Shadow Jack, or, The spotted cruiser
The blue anchor, or, The lost bride