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Dick Lightheart at sea
Joe Dodger, the boy ventriloquist
Fred Hazle, or, Adrift on a floating island
Jack Harkaway afloat
Jack Harkaway's escape
Jack Harkaway in Australia
Tinker's man, Bogey
The demon of the deep, or, Above and beneath the sea
Sea-dog Charlie, or, The adventures of a boy hero
The gallant middy, or, Captured by pirates
Lighthouse Lem, or, The mystery of Deadman's Reef
In the sea of ice
Yankee Yacht Club, or, Around the world by water
Dick Dart, or, The fiend of the revenue cutter
Around the world in a sail boat
The phantom light-house, or, The mystery of the storm coast
Afloat in a tiger's den, a or, The wreck of the menagerie ship
Stump, or, "Little, but, oh, my!"