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Shorty, or, Kicked into good luck
Chips and Chin Chin, the two orphans
Stump, or, "Little, but, oh, my!"
Shoo-Fly, or, Nobody's moke
The traveling dude, or, The comical adventures of Clarence Fitz Roy Jones
Yankee Yacht Club, or, Around the world by water
Muldoon's trip around the world
Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric air yacht, or, The great inventor among the Aztecs
Tom Topp, or, Fighting against fiends
Dick Dart, or, The fiend of the revenue cutter
Around the world in a sail boat
The phantom light-house, or, The mystery of the storm coast
Johnny Brown & Co. at school, or, The deacon's boy at his old tricks
Young Dick Plunket, or, The trials and tribulations of Ebenezer Crow
Afloat in a tiger's den, a or, The wreck of the menagerie ship
Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric coach, or, The search for the Isle of Diamonds