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Frank Merriwell on the desert, or, The mystery of the skeleton
Frank Merriwell among the Mormons, or, The lost tribe of Israel
Frank Merriwell's initiation, or, The secret order of Pi Gamma
Frank Merriwell as the star, or, Trouble in junior theatricals
Frank Merriwell's bicycle boys, or, The start across the continent
Frank Merriwell's shadow, or, The mysterious stranger
Frank Merriwell as "anchor," or, The winning pull in the tug of war
Frank Merriwell's thoroughbred, or, Honesty against crookedness
Frank Merriwell's shot, or, Out with the Guthrie Gun Club
Frank Merriwell's unknown friend, or, Old foes in new places
Frank Merriwell in California, or, The end of the great tour
Frank Merriwell's nine, or, Surprising the Southern League
Frank Merriwell's flyer, or, The winning wheel
Frank Merriwell in the mines, or, The blind singer of Silver Bluff
Frank Merriwell's enemy, or, Rivals of the Blue Ridge
Frank Merriwell's yacht, or, The chase down the coast
Frank Merriwell among the rustlers, or, The cattle king's daughter
Frank Merriwell's Texas tournament, or, Sport among the cowboys