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The ice breaker boys, or, Cutting their way to the Pole
Sent to Siberia, or, The strange adventures of two American boys
Sold to the sultan, or, The strange adventures of two Yankee middies
The boy tenderfoot, or, The outlaws of Crooked Canyon
The little demon, or, Plotting against the czar
Abandoned, or, The wolf man of the island
Around the world on a bicycle, a story of adventures in many lands
The floating gold mine, or, Adrift in an unknown sea
Give him a chance, or, How Tom Curtis won his way
The broken bottle, or, A jolly good fellow
Little Mac, the boy engineer, or, Bound to do his best
Gerald O'Grady's grit, or, The branded Irish lad
A New York boy in the Soudan, or, The Mahdi's slave
Jack Reef, the boy captain, or, Adventures on the ocean
83 degrees north latitude, or, The handwriting in the iceberg
Yellowstone Kelly, a story of adventures in the great West