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Gerald O'Grady's grit, or, The branded Irish lad
The rival boat clubs, or, The boss school at Beechwood
The haunted hut, or, The ghosts of Rocky Gulch
Three chums, or, The bosses of the school
Chums, or, The leaders of Glendale Academy
Swamp Doctor, or, The man witch
100 feet above the housetops, or, The mystery of the old church steeple
Nameless Nat, or, A millionaire in rags
Dick, "I will," or, The plucky fight of a boy orphan
The houseboat boys, or, Stirring adventures in the Northwest
The richest boy in the world, or, The wonderful adventures of a young American
Worth a million, or, A boy's fight for justice
Monte Cristo at 18, or, From slave to avenger