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Jack's fortune, or, The strangest legacy in the world
In business for himself, or, The lad who made the money
A favorite of fate, or, After the head hunter's treasure
A pirate's treasure, or, The secret of the three wrecks
Banker Barry's boy, or, Gathering the dollars in Wall Street
Friendless Frank, or, The boy who became famous
A bid for a fortune, or, A country boy in Wall Street
Out for the dollars, or, A smart boy in Wall Street
On the wing, or, The young mercury of Wall Street
Starting his own business, or, The boy who caught on
The path to good luck, or, The boy miner of Death Valley
A rolling stone, or, The brightest boy on record
The ladder of fame, or, From office boy to senator
The road to success, or, The career of a fortunate boy
Ed, the office boy, or, The lad behind the deals
The boy slaves of Siberia, or, The vulture king
Fred the foundry boy, or, Fighting the iron kings
Hero forty-four, or, The boy fireman of Ashland
The young Rip Van Winkle