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Bowie, the knight of chivalry, or, What a woman will do
Morley Beeches, or, Girlish charms and golden dowers
Ouida's love, or, From generation to generation
woman's witchery, or, Through much tribulation
Her guardian's sacrifice, or, A name in the balance
My young wife
Put to a test, or, A fortune hunter's fate
ministering angel, or, Royal Thornleigh's mistake
Outwitted by herself, or, A mother's scheme
point of honor, or, Diamond cut diamond
Pursued to the altar
Poor Zeph!
young girl's ordeal, or, "I love you still"
For the woman he loved, or, Fateful links
hasty marriage, or, Was she an adventuress?
beautiful demon, or, More bitter than death
Is love a mockery?, or, Revenge is sweet
only daughter, or, Brother against lover