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Deadwood Dick's bid for liberty
Grim Goblin, the avenger
The league of twelve
The vengeance of the branded brows
The silent tongues
The golden idol of Mount Rosa
A race for life
The demon of the forest
Rosebud Rob and the man from Texas
The hermit of Cascade City
Deadwood Dick at Secret City
The knight of the gulch
The ghost of Gorgon's Gulch
Adrift in the city, or, The fate of a waif / by a Self-made man
Johnny Jones & Co., or, The firm that kept the brokers guessing
A pirate's treasure, or, The secret of the three wrecks
Smart as they come, or, The boss of the Wall Street messengers
A boy of business, or, Hustling for the dollars
Hal Halman's tip, or, Scooping the Wall Street market
Born lucky, or, From miner to millionaire