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Red River Bill, the prince of scouts
Sam Sharpe at school
Hugo, the Texan, or, The demons of the Alamo
Matt Merry, or, The life of the school
His last cent, or, How Joe Dutton made his fortune
ocean wolf
Buffalo Bill, Jr., and his band of dead shots
From errand boy to lawyer, or, Bound to be at the top
Southern boy in New York, or, Bound to make his money
actor's son
The boy in red, or, The czar's masked messenger
Joe Dodger, the boy ventriloquist
Little Mac, the boy engineer
The marked moccasin, or, Pandy Ellis' pard
Tom Brown's schooldays
Ferret, the little detective, or, The man of many faces
Chased around the world, or, The detective's mistake
Master of himself, or, A boy's fight in the world