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Buffalo Bill in the land of wonders, or, The mad chief of the Modocs
Buffalo Bill's desperate mission, or, The round-up in Hidden Valley
Buffalo Bill's gold hunters, or, The clan of the skull and crossbones
Buffalo Bill's gypsy band, or, The queen of the road wanderers
Buffalo Bill's witchcraft, or, Pawnee Bill and the snake Aztecs
Buffalo Bill's traitor guide, or, The vengeance of Alkali Pete
Buffalo Bill's diamond hitch, or, Getting a line on the trouble-hunters
Buffalo Bill and the gamecock, or, The red trail on the Canadian
Buffalo Bill's Santa Fé secret, or, The bravo of Taos
Buffalo Bill's bracelet of gold, or, The hidden death
Buffalo Bill at Salt River Ranch, or, Old Flint Face, the Comanche
Buffalo Bill and the bronco-buster, or, The raid of Wolf Fang
Buffalo Bill's great round-up, or, Trailing the red cattle rustlers
Buffalo Bill on deck, or, The strange pilot of the "River Belle"
Buffalo Bill's flatboat drift, or, Taming the Mississippi tigers
Buffalo Bill's sky-pilot, or, The fiesta tangle