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Buffalo Bill and the headless horseman, or, Pawnee Bill rides the boundary
Buffalo Bill on the trail of death, or, Pawnee Bill's discovery
Buffalo Bill at Lone Tree Gap, or, Pawnee Bill in the bear pit
Buffalo Bill and the Indian girl, or, Pawnee Bill on the job
Buffalo Bill and the traitor soldier, or, Fair Inez, the pearl of the post
Buffalo Bill's red retribution, or, The raid of the dancing dervishes
Buffalo Bill's O.K., or, Pawnee Bill's warning
Buffalo Bill's blockade, or, Pawnee Bill and the tenderfoot
Buffalo Bill's leap in the dark, or, The outcasts of Santibell
Buffalo Bill up a stump, or, The Pawnee faker of the Bitter Root
Buffalo Bill calls a halt, or, Pawnee Bill's Texas tangle
Buffalo Bill and the skeleton horseman, or, Teton John, the half-blood
Buffalo Bill's border beagles, or, The trail of gold and death
Buffalo Bill's desperate dozen, or, The raiders of Round-Robin Ranch
Buffalo Bill and Perdita Reyes, or, Pawnee Bill's bowie practice
Buffalo Bill's camp fires, or, the bad man of Snake River Crossing
Buffalo Bill, the desert hotspur, or, Pizen Jane, of Cinnebar
Buffalo Bill, the white whirlwind, or, Dashing Dan, the border decoy duck
Buffalo Bill's Aztec runners, or, The hate of the gilded Mexican
Buffalo Bill's red triangle ; or, Pawnee Bill and the sign of the three