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Buffalo Bill and the chief's daughter, or, Three bills in a triple bill
Buffalo Bill's Apache clue, or, A little work for the governor
Buffalo Bill and the pool of mystery, or, The hand of the prophet
Buffalo Bill's golden wonder, or, A hard fight for luck
Buffalo Bill's private war, or, A helping hand for Overland Doc
Buffalo Bill and the red feathers; or, the pard who went wrong
Buffalo Bill and the specter; or, a queer lay-out in Spook Cañon
Buffalo Bill's long arm; or, the gamecock of Shasta
Buffalo Bill's pick-up; or, the secret of the hat and dagger
Buffalo Bill's pledge; or, the vultures of the narrow path
Buffalo Bill's iron bracelets; or, Dauntless Dell's daring
Buffalo Bill's queer quest; or, the veiled woman of the valley
Buffalo Bill's prize get-away or, first aid to the man from nowhere
Buffalo Bill's trackers; or, the still hunt on the San Juan
Buffalo Bill's ring; or, double-crossing the blacklegs
Buffalo Bill's girl pard; or, Dauntless Dell of the "Double D."