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Dick Merriwell's mysterious disappearance, or, The game in the balance
Dick Merriwell on the boards, or, Fighting the theatrical syndicate
Dick Merriwell caught napping, or, The rube that could pitch
Dick Merriwell, navigator, or, The adventure on the Sound
Dick Merriwell at Montauk Point, or, The terror of the air
Dick Merriwell's intuition, or, The worst fellow in college
Dick Merriwell, mediator, or, The strike at the Plum Valley Mine
Dick Merriwell, peacemaker, or, The split in the Varsity
Dick Merriwell's proof, or, The problem of the stubborn crew man
Dick Merriwell on the Great Lakes, or, The smugglers of the inland seas
Dick Merriwell's self-sacrifice, or, The man who could jump
Dick Merriwell's decision, or, The sacrifice of a principle
Dick Merriwell's pick-ups, or, A game with the outlaws
Dick Merriwell's perception, or, The brains of the varsity
Dick Merriwell's vantage, or, The Hindoo mystery
Dick Merriwell, tutor, or, the fellow who gave up football
Dick Merriwell on the Rocking R, or, The finish of the feud
Dick Merriwell's brain work, or, The frustration of the sneaky tutor
Dick Merriwell's fun, or, Buckhart as a reformer
Dick Merriwell's master mind, or, The mysterious Mr. Snare