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Buffalo Bill's "pieces-of-eight," or, The old turquoise mine mystery
Buffalo Bill and the cattle barons, or, Blocking a game of freeze-out
Buffalo Bill's fiesta night, or, At outs with the baker's dozen
Buffalo Bill repaid, or, Old Moonlight's mystery
Buffalo Bill's test, or, Pawnee Bill, prince of the bowie
Buffalo Bill and the Ponca raiders, or, Pawnee Bill's double-throw
Buffalo Bill and the hatchet boys, or, A pledge redeemed
Buffalo Bill and Old Moonlight, or, A red man's friend
Buffalo Bill's throwback, or, The fiddler from Fortymile
Buffalo Bill's first aid, or, Saving the shotgun messenger
Buffalo Bill's winged victory, or, The man who won
Buffalo Bill's ultimatum, or, Facing terrors with Pawnee Bill
Buffalo Bill and the eight vaqueros, or, The men of Con Armas Blancas
Buffalo Bill and the mining shark, or, The "king-pin" proposition
Buffalo Bill and the Apache totem, or, The mystery of Narbona
Buffalo Bill and the deserter, or, The saving of Sergeant Sebree
Buffalo Bill's promise to pay, or, The diamond coterie
Buffalo Bill in Deadwood, or, The trail of the copperhead
Buffalo Bill's Apache clue, or, A little work for the governor