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Dick Merriwell's silence, or, The shadow of the past
Dick Merriwell's master mind, or, The mysterious Mr. Snare
Dick Merriwell's prank, or, The exposure of Archie Ettinger
Dick Merriwell's motor car, or, The wizard of the road
Dick Merriwell at Forest Lake, or, The king of Flume River
Dick Merriwell's masked enemy, or, The man with the scar
Dick Merriwell's hope, or, The reliance of the blue
Dick Merriwell defeated, or, The champion of the Clover Club
Dick Merriwell's "wing," or, The man who couldn't be stopped
Dick Merriwell's sky chase, or, The diamond mystery of Denver
Dick Merriwell's gun, or, The mystery of the covers
Dick Merriwell in court, or, Judge Grimm of Grumblestone
Dick Merriwell at his best, or, Rounding the team into form
Dick Merriwell's protest, or, The man who would not play clean
Dick Merriwell's ginger, or, A check for the crimson
Dick Merriwell's development, or, The all-round wonder
Dick Merriwell's eye, or, The secret of good batting
Dick Merriwell at the meet, or, Honors worth winning