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Old Nancy's Ward, or, The rustic rifle rangers
Night-Hawk Bill, or, The New York sportsman's clew
Dusky Dick's doom, or, Tobe Castor, the old scout
champion Texan rider, or, Red Buffalo, and the hunter Hercules
Frank Yates, the young trapper, or, Mountain Kate's warning
Old Kit and his comrades, or, The long trail
Sam's long trail, or, The twin scouts
Zach's ghost trap, or, The haunted house havoc
Teddy's long trail
Eagle-Eyed Tim, or, The crafty captain's plot
Kyd's bold game, or, The death trail mystery
Carson, the guide, or, The perils of the frontier
masked maniac, or, The old man's mission
Billy Broom's first cruise, or, Tom Pintle, the pilot
swamp guide, or, Canebrake Mose and his dog
Harry Winkle's long chase, or, The haunted hunter
wild huntress, or, Old Grizzly, the bear-tamer
Old Jupe's clew, or, The darky detective
Black Jim's doom, or, Billy Bowleg's revenge