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Always on the move, or, The luck of messenger 99
Silent Sam of Wall Street, or, A wonderful run of luck
Adrift on the Orinoco, or, The treasure of the desert
Seven bags of gold, or, How a plucky boy got rich
Making his fortune, or, The deal of a lucky boy
Driven to work, or, A fortune from a shoestring
Benson's new boy, or, Whooping up the Wall Street market
The headless horsemen
The end of Wild Ivan
Deadwood Dick and Red Brand
Old Avalanche's fight with the Sioux
Hurricane Nell's revenge
The masked terror
Jim Bludsoe's triumph
Flying Floyd's great leap
Buckhorn Bill and the moonshiners
Gold Rifle and Tiger Track
Deadwood Dick and the warriors of the Sun-God
Deadwood Dick's strange duel
Black rider