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Percy Greville, the scout of Valley Forge
Fred Flame, The hero of Greystone, No. 1
Lost in the great basin, or, The wonderful underground city
The boy volunteers, or, The boss fire company of the town
Swamp Doctor, or, The man witch
Lost among the slave hunters, or, An American boy's adventure in Africa
The doomed city, or, The hidden foe of Plummerdale
The pride of the volunteers, or, Burke Halliday, the boy fireman
The boy mutineers, or, Slavery or death
A fireman at sixteen, or, Through flame and smoke
100 feet above the housetops, or, The mystery of the old church steeple
The boy explorers, or, Abandoned in the land of ice
Driven adrift, or, The trip of the Daisy
Bob the waif, a story of life in New York
Phil, the boy fireman, or, Through flames to victory
Columbia, or, The young firemen of Glendale
Paddling on the Amazon, or, Three boy canoeists in South America
Nameless Nat, or, A millionaire in rags
The boy messenger of Russia, or, The Czar's secret despatch bearer / by Allan Arnold
The boy privateer captain, or, Lost on a nameless sea