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Buffalo Bill's peace-pipe, or, The casket of mystery
Buffalo Bill's hidden gold, or, The ruse of the red serpent
Buffalo Bill on detached duty, or, The break on the Bad Ax Trail
Buffalo Bill's enchanted mesa, or, The lost princess of the Moquis
Buffalo Bill in the desert of death, or, The secret of the Jasper Joss
Buffalo Bill in old Mexico, or, The red priests of Zataclin
Buffalo Bill's ice barricade, or, The red and white renegades of Powder River
Buffalo Bill, the white whirlwind, or, Dashing Dan, the border decoy duck
Buffalo Bill's ordeal of fire, or, Trapped in the Coteaus
Buffalo Bill's red nemesis, or, The white captive of the Sioux
Buffalo Bill and the robber elk, or, The mail-seekers of the range
Buffalo Bill among the man-eaters, or, The mystery of Tiburon Island
Buffalo Bill's message from the dead, or, The mystery of the dagger of gold